An exclusive Q&A with Croatian model, Marko Médic

Style Me Strauss introduces an all exclusive Q&A feature with Croatian model, Marko Médic:

1. In ONE word, who is Marko Médic ?


 ©haddy el nath
©haddy el nath

2. As someone who regards himself as a creative and who possesses a Master’s degree in Civil Engineering. Why the contrast in “callings”?

“I believe everything happens for a reason and if you are smart enough you learn from all things that have been given to you . Civil engineering was destiny, It has prepared me well enough to fulfill my second degree in industrial design and to start my own business in the near future”.

 ©marko arsić
©marko arsić

3. You currently reside in Croatia, has it been difficult to secure contracts or even castings and do you believe the fashion industry in Croatia is slowly but surely developing?

“In Croatia the market is so small and closed . It’s about who knows who to secure jobs. It definitely is hard and most jobs are not paid for thus you do work for probono and “exposure”. Fashion designers in Croatia are very good and there are a few of them who can keep up with international standards. Croatia is a small country and definitely has the potential for growth”.

4 .As a model what has been the highlight of your career thus far and which brands have been your favourite to shoot/work for?

“I haven’t done much [He is definitely trying to be modest]. I have been focussing on my degree but last few year, I’ve been working mostly in Asia/China. I will soon start in Europe. I’ve had a few really nice jobs/shoots but mostly for tv commercials , like Huawei, campaigns for Calvin Klein watches and some shows for famous Chinese designers”.

©Šime eškinja
©Šime eškinja

5.Which destination out of your extensive travels has inspired you even more to fulfill your role as a creative in fashion?

“NYC has inspired me on so many levels . It was my first long trip and it helped me to become the person I am today , not only in modeling but in all ways . In the “capital of the world” , it is hard not to get inspired. I cannot wait to go back”.

6 .What is next for the Marko Médic brand?

“I’m trying to go on few more contracts, as well as getting my second degree in industrial design and would like to start my travel blog. The year thus far has been super exciting. I’m looking forward to what will happen next”.

 ©Šime eškinja
©Šime eškinja

7. A motivational phrase or quote which inspires you to remain grounded?

“I like a sentence from one song by “killers” , they used to be my favorite group when I was a child and it goes like this: “smile like you mean it.” It’s a simple thing to be genuine to yourself and to others and just don’t be fake , because good things happen to good people”.

 ©haddy el nath
©haddy el nath

Follow Marko on Facebook : “father of Đorđe ”
Instagram: @wanderer_in_wasteland

We at Style Me Strauss would like to thank Marko for taking the time to engage with us.

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