Welcome to AW18. ♥

This is my favourite season where I get to play with fabrics, colours and silhouettes. 

The season for myself and the team is about reinventing the way we see AW. With the ever changing climate we are experiencing warmer winters and colder summers. Hence our journey to support sustainable living through supporting brands who reduce their carbon footprint. 

We’ve hence moved to an approach which edifies the industrial spaces through our careful colour selections for the season.  Rust hues,  night shades,  fiery tones  and off-white nuances which will be used to signify the industrial revolution in fashion.

Shapes will become softened and more feminine, but also architectural, think: contemporary utility with fabrics being a bit softer and more premium. With the incline of Athleisure in the market, we will most definitely see shoppers gravitate towards a more relaxed approach in terms of garment selection. Fashion that can be adapted throughout the day. 

In essence one could argue that AW18 will be all about reinvention. The team is working hard to provide you with content that will bring you inspiration like never before.

Anuell Ahmar (@anuell_ahmar),  Editor-in-Chief & Group Chief Executive

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