Welcome to SS’17/18. This season  focuses much on the synergy between  fashion, individuality and lifestyle.

The colourways and overall looks within  our September Issue allows you to  view the  cohesion between  garment construction  and its mobility.

With SMS Lifestyle growing at the rate it has, the team and I have decided to bring you two Issues. Each Issue will include a fashion edit and lifestyle memo. Both will explore the marriage between fashion and lifestyle.

Florals and pops of colour dominate the first part of the Issue whereas part two takes you on a clean and clinical journey. Both parts perfectly introduces you to the season. The fashion memo’s allow you to experience the beauty of nature and  the seasonal transition.

The dual Issue is dedicated to women and celebrates their uniqueness in two beautifully crafted fashion editorials alongside the lifestyle memo’s. Part two of the issue focuses much on inclusivity with an editorial conceptualized by Nicola Kruger.

From the team and I, we hope that SS’17/18 brings you, our valued readers, much joy and happiness.


Anuell Ahmar (@anuell_ahmar),  Group Chief Executive

Email our Editor-in-Chief at anuellahmar@stylemestrauss.com or our Press Office at info@stylemestrauss.com