WCW feature: Scarlet Aura’s, Raylene Harvey

Today we celebrate the chic tendencies of Scarlet Aura’s, Raylene Harvey.

As a pioneer in the “bloggersphere”, she continue’s to keep us fashionably updated. Here are a few questions posed to the media darling.




What is your definition of fashion?
“Fashion is an outlet to express my personality, individuality and style in a creative way.”
Who is your favourite international designer and why?
“I love New York designer Titania Inglis. I’m obsessed with her somewhat goth-inspired pieces – it’s dark and it’s edgy. Her designs are quite architectural, with clean lines and a minimalist aesthetic. I love everything about it.”
Which item can you not go without?
“My black ankle booties. I wear them all year ’round – even in Summer.”
Why do you think many see fashion as a fickle industry and what makes Scarlet Aura so unique?
“I think it’s because many people tend to get caught up in the trends that are happening at the time and so they invest in “fast fashion”. This way of trying to keep up with the ever changing trends can become quite expensive in the long run – because it’s short lived, you’ll only end up with a massive wardrobe and still find yourself saying “I have nothing to wear!” If everyone would just take the time to invest in a good quality, capsule wardrobe with timeless pieces that they can wear for many years to come, all they’d have to do is accessorize it each season and buy one or two trendy pieces that enhance their existing wardrobe, and not look like the trend is wearing them! Once you find your unique edge, fashion becomes a way of expressing that and that’s exactly what Scarlet Aura is about. I wear whatever makes me feel amazing regardless of others’ opinions.”
A motivational quote you live by?
 “Style is knowing who you are, what you want to say, and not giving a damn.” ~ Orson Welles
We at SMS wish Raylene a prosperous and fashionable 2016.
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