SAME LOVE | Diesel X Style Me Strauss

“SAME LOVE” wishes to explore the nuances of love. It seeks no validation and loves without reservation.  This editorial is deemed to serve as a beacon of love and hope to all. In this scenario “same love” portrays the affection between two beings of the same-sex showing that love is simply love. It seeks no creed, race, sex or class yet projects itself upon the object of its affection.

It focuses on the dismantling of a world of confinement whilst exclaiming the liberation of “same love” through fashion.




Creative Direction: Anuell Ahmar (@anuell_ahmar)

Photography & Art Direction: Robyn Walker (@robynwalker)

Styling: Anuell Ahmar

Models:  Thorne Fisher  (@fisher.d.thorne)  and Justin Beeka (@justinbeeka)

Clothing: Diesel

A special thanks to Diesel SA for collaborating with us.
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