“Pleat your Winter”, says SMS Fashion Editor, Justine Petersen

Fashion Editor ©stylemestrauss
Fashion Editor ©stylemestrauss

Winter is approaching, and you’re probably thinking how can you stay warm and keep it trendy and fashionable at the same time? You, vintage lovers will love this one.

The answer is PLEATS. Pleats don’t just add fullness in places where you need a bit of curvature, they also do the job of flattering certain areas of your body, depending on how you wear it.
Pleated skirts are very versatile, you can go funky and wear them with sneakers and sweaters or you could go the classic route and match it with a heel and a bold colour cardigan.
For a more slimming look, choose a skirt where the waistband is visible, this will shape your waist and give you that hourglass shape, we all want.
For a more chic look, a pleated skirt worn with a long -sleeve, bulky-cropped top to add a bit of sexiness, is perfect for those chilly days.
Pleated culottes are great with a fitted cardigan or fitted Jersey with a funky heel.
Pleated high-waist trousers are perfect to give you that flattering look. It is perfect for a formal occasion or just a day at the office.
I trust these tips will help you to be bold and flaunt those pleats. After all they make every women look feminine and chic.
Justine Petersen, Fashion Editor
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