Q&A with Bokeh Boss, Adrian Lazarus

Having not missed a single Bokeh Fashion Film

Festival since its induction. We wanted you, our readers to have some inside info’ straight from the Horse’s mouth.

Adrian Lazarus. MD of Bokeh FFF answers a few questions posed to him by Style Me Strauss below:

 ©Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival
©Mercedes-Benz Bokeh South African International Fashion Film Festival

1. Who is Adrian and why the great interest in fashion films ?

“I have always been a creative soul, and after a lengthy stint in producing fashion photography still campaigns, I finally picked up a video camera and started shooting Fashion Film about 10 years ago.

Fashion film allows me to create visual art that I hope pleases my audience and clients, while celebrating the essence and lifestyle of a brand.”

2. Having won awards at Both La Jolla and Miami Fashion Film Festival for Steam 1886, did you anticipate Bokeh FFF to be such a huge success?

Never in my wildest dreams! I had a story that I wanted to share and I involved a crew and cast of 18 people who trusted me, and together we did a really great job!”

3. Why the name “Bokeh” and not “South African FFF” ?

“Its always important to create a brand around your product. The word Bokeh comes from a Japanese term in photography that defines a process whereby using the lens aperture we can render points of light out of focus. I love the method and use it all the time. I also love the way that people create their own pronunciations for the word. That’s cool – just make sure you keep saying it.”

 ©Mark Newton, grooming by MAC
©Mark Newton, grooming by MAC

4. What allowed for your transition between producing to directing ?

 “I think that standing on the side lines for 12 years producing , you draw all this inspiration from fantastic photographers and cinematographers – at some point you have to say “to hell with this – I also want to shoot!”

5. Without a doubt every Fashion Film submission wants the “Lazarus” stamp of approval.  In your opinion what makes a Fashion Film special or outstanding  and which film since the running of Bokeh has been your favourite thus far?

“The “Lazarus” stamp is not given out autonomously I might add. We are a team that are exposed to at least 500 fashion films each year. You get a feel for what’s great and what’s just re-hashed.

We find that the best films have engaging little stories that drag you in. They are invariably less than 3 minutes long, are amusing, have no forrest wanderers contemplating the meaning of life, and are to the point.

One of my favourite films this year is a film called Crème Caramel – produced by CANADA.”

6. Out of all your travels, which destination/location enhanced your love for Fashion Films even more?

 “That’s easy – Venice blew my mind!”

 ©Mark Newton, grooming by MAC

 ©Mark Newton, grooming by MAC

7. Lastly, what can we expect different from Bokeh this year ?

“This year we have a brand new location – the NEW Aquarium at the Waterfront (lets hope it’s filled with fish and water). We have a load of funky visualisations using mannequins and projections onto massive screens.

We have an international and local line up of daytime speakers including Catherine Scorey (Head of Woman’s wear for Ted Baker), Einat Dan, Jim Raubenheimer  and MAC cosmetics doing demos on body art and the latest make up trends in Fashion Films, Representatives from Contentmode and Hunger Magazinesthe head trainer from Adobe Products doing masterclasses and as well as producers, directors and designers performing their craft. 

We at Style Me Strauss would like to thank Adrian for taking the time  to engage with us and by answering a few questions as we wait in great anticipation for the Festival to kick-off in April.

The full program will be up on Monday at www.bokehfestival.co.za.

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