Urban Select presents South Korean brand, ADER Error

Want to stand out from the rest? Do you absolutely refuse to conform to the dressing patterns of the everyday youth? Well, ADER Error, a newly emerging South Korean based brand agrees with you and says, “We see you, cool kids. We got you.”



ADER takes contemporary style simplification to the next level with minimalism being the main ideal on which the brand is based. Every garment that ADER designs are radically bold and intended to be statement items for your wardrobe. Each item speaks a visual language of its own with its bold graphics and sharp designs.



Some textures you’ll should expect are corduroy, jersey knits and denims. With a playful colour scheme consisting of tones such as tan, various shades of blue, pink, yellow and black, it highlights the cheeky and quirky personality that the ADER error garments hold.




Oversized Polar necks; trench coats; bombers; headgear; sweatshirts; as well as casual fits are what you can expect. These items are best fitted with chunky white sneakers or the classic black and white converse all stars.

Through ADER’s decomplexified androgynous style, they convey a gender-less neutral aesthetic in their portrayal of style. ADER veers away from being a gender orientated brand and doesn’t stand to promote gender binary limitations for their fashion brand.

Being trend conscious is easy, but using your trend consciousness originally gives you that edge to stand out. With ADER Error you are guaranteed to be associated with the non-conformist “cool kids” of society.



Urban Select Fashion Director, Justine Petersen

Fashion Editor , US, ©stylemestrauss
Fashion Editor , US, ©stylemestrauss

Urban Select Creative Director, Nicolas Van Graan

Creative Director, US, ©stylemestrauss
Creative Director, US, ©stylemestrauss
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